Frustrated at how far you have to drive for organic produce? Well, there is one great option for organically-grown produce right here in the Cliff, and it’s a produce co-op.

Bedford resident and amateur-nutritionist Monica Brown organized the Your Health Source co-op to provide fresh organically-grown produce at great prices.

Every other week, the Oak Cliff delivery group receives a produce delivery in Elmwood. After volunteers divide the produce into bins, co-op members pick up their shares during an alloted timeframe.

Members receive an email announcing what food will be delivered at the next drop-off. A typical share includes bok choy, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, garlic, red leaf lettuce, Yukon gold potatoes, spinach, Roma tomatoes, Braeburn apples, lemons, avocados, bananas, oranges and pears.

“The food comes from all over the United States, Texas, and some countries around the world,” Brown states, and it’s “all certified organic unless it’s a local farmer who is organic and is not yet certified.”

Although you don’t get to pick what’s in the bin, the co-op provides a great variety that rotates by week, month and season. Many members comment on the good feeling they get from having a refrigerator full of fresh produce, some o\f which they’ve never before tried. Co-op member Veta Redmond explains, “It encourages and motivates me to cook with these healthy foods before the next delivery.”  

The costs are a $25 annual membership fee, a $12 bin fee, and $50 for each basic share. Hosts and dividers receive discounts.

When one member compared prices at Albertson’s and Central Market, the vegetable co-op prices were on par with conventionally grown produce at the chain stores. Co-op prices were close to $20 lower than store-bought organic produce.

The Oak Cliff group, currently numbering 23 members, is limited by the size of the driver’s vehicle. Judging from the terrific response since the group originated last summer, another group may be just around the corner in Oak Cliff.

To join, visit the Your Health Source co-op website ( and fill out the form. Brown will send a welcome email with details about how to get started