With the June 16 runoff election upon us, Dallas is set for some big changes. And so is Oak Cliff, for that matter. In addition to choosing our city’s mayor, with our very own CliffDweller Ed Oakley in the hunt, we also have to choose our City Councilmember. As so many changes are already underway in our area, please take this election seriously. Get out there and vote.

With today’s politics fresh on our minds, this month’s magazine actually brings up some haunting images from the past. In Focus features a fascinating story about a one-time CliffDweller with a window into World War II. Bill Coleman’s riveting photos underscore the emotional toll of War, even under the most moral of circumstances. Sobering stuff in light of today’s more confused, but still deadly, military actions.

We do want to liven your spirits amid these serious issues, however, and so we bring you some recreation. First, find out how Stevens Park has gotten a makeover. Consider taking Dad to its new facilities for his special day. And to sweeten things up a little, we also present a Bakery Tour of Oak Cliff. Rev up your appetite and forget about the dentist for awhile as we spotlight some of the tastiest treats this side of the Trinity.

And don’t miss this month’s Dwellings, where we take you on a green tour. Environmentally-responsible from the inside out, this energy-efficient home has a lot to boast, starting with its low monthly utility bill.We hope to bring you some serious and some light things to think about as the weather heats up this month. It’s time to start enjoying the summer. And, don’t forget to vote!

See you round the Cliff.