Now that the big election is behind us, hopefully you’ve begun to enjoy the summer months more fully. A CliffDweller congratulations goes out to Dave Neumann and Tom Leppert for their recent wins. We hope both terms bring positive changes to Oak Cliff, and to Dallas more generally. We’ll be watching to see what the coming years have in store for us in the Cliff.

In this issue, we begin by helping you cool off. Visit Papa Danny’s Ice Cream Shop, with Melody Townsel as your tour guide, and you’ll see why owner Eric Conde really is a true Oak Cliff hero. From the streets of Iraq to our very own neighborhood, Conde serves his country and community tirelessly. His work is much appreciated, so stop by his Bishop Arts shop, give him a pat on the back, and enjoy a frosty treat along the way.

Also this month, we bring you a trip through one of our favorite summer-time spots: the zoo. If you have little ones around, you’ll not want to miss our tour of the Reptile House, and all the ways it can entertain those kiddies home from school.

And if you’re looking for a tasty new dining spot, check out our feature on Jefferson Avenue’s La Aldea restaurant. The owners aim to please at this latest incarnation of the former Loretta’s; it’s worth a trip.

As the thermometer rises, we hope to help you find a few cool places to rest this month.

See you round the Cliff.