Melody Townsel
runs her own PR firm here in town, but more proudly boasts being the mother of “the world’s most beautiful, talented and tolerant 7-year-old.” Townsel is a ridiculously accomplished writer, and yet still finds time to bring us the news around the Cliff.

Andrea Roberts
made her professional writing debut in CliffDweller, although she’s always enjoyed writing. She works as a project manager for Fusion Advertising when she’s not wrangling two adorable kiddies.

Connie Marks
has been with CliffDweller Magazine from the start. Lending her talents to the magazine is not the only place where she practices the art of the pen; she also takes local writing courses and has plans for her very own book about yoga and self-reflection.

Andres Calderon
works for the EPA by day, but loves investigating Oak Cliff’s cultural experiences for CliffDweller. Originally from Lima, Peru, Andres, along with his wife and son, now calls Winnetka Heights home.

Michele Weidemer
lives in Ravinia Heights with her husband and two growing kiddies, on whom she practices her love of meal preparation and nutrition. Having worked as a writer in various capacities, Michele writes for CliffDweller when she’s not working on her great American novel.

Katie Berry
has become known as the Money Lady around town. Also a busy mother, Katie not only provides sound financial advice to appreciative CliffDwellers, but she also volunteers for popular neighborhood mommy group, RECPTA.