Ready to get in shape? For real this time?

No, really, this time you really really mean it? It won’t be like the last time? This time’ll be different?

Nah, you know it’ll be just like every other time. . .

If that’s you’re attitude, then maybe you should spend a little time with the women over at Anytime Fitness. They will have none of your defeatist attitude. Instead, they serve up some true, if tough, advice for those who are ready to change. And they’re offering the Cliff the facilities to make it happen — anytime you can think of.


“Losing weight and getting in shape are all about consistency,” says Jacqui Bliss, co-owner of the new Anytime Fitness, located on the corner of Davis and N. Bishop, next to Café Italia. Jacqui and co-owner Renee Reed advise, “Having a plan, a routine, making healthy choices with your diet, and remembering to make time for activity are all keys to success.”
They say to take it slow, and be realistic. “Living a healthy lifestyle is not an all or nothing proposition,” Jacqui says. “It is about doing the right things 90 percent of the time. Let go of the other 10 percent! Remember that getting into shape and losing weight take time. Don’t give up.”

And Anytime Fitness may offer just the right services for you to finally start working out consistently. With hours literally any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this new gym is ready when you are. “Anytime Fitness clubs are designed to be convenient,” Jacqui explains. “From the hours of operation to the ease of use of the equipment, to finally going to a gym that is not crowded, a member of our Anytime Fitness is part of a small group.”

Different from other gyms, Anytime fitness actually caps their membership in order to keep crowds low. “We are different than the clubs that just sell, sell, sell at low prices without regard to how many of those members will use the facility,” Jacqui says. “We are a limited membership facility.”

With offerings including state-of-the-art strength and cardiovascular equipment, to various exercise classes like pilates, yoga and boot-camp-style workouts, the gym is full service. Jacqui also recommends another amenity: “Members wishing to tan can add unlimited tanning during staffed hours to their membership for a small monthly fee.” With the latest location in the heart of the Bishop Arts District, gym members also enjoy access to the over 1,000 other Anytime Fitness facilities in the country.

For those wondering about working out in the middle of the night, Jacqui calms any fears. “Anytime Fitness members can be assured that safety and security is a top priority,” she says. “With around-the-clock DVR monitoring, key-card-only club access, and a security system with hardwired panic buttons, every safeguard is in place to ensure that each member’s safety, and the club’s integrity, are not compromised.” So that means that when you get that random urge at 1am to hit the treadmill, Anytime Fitness is there for you. Or after that movie at 11 on a Thursday night. Or before brunch at 7 on a Sunday morning. Whatever works for you, works for them.

Under the leadership of Jacqui and Renee, the gym has a good chance of being around for a long time. Having worked together in Indianapolis before moving here to the Cliff, the women both have their master’s degrees, are certified in the fitness industry, and have quite a history in health and fitness. Jacqui has been active since her youth and was a three-sport collegiate athlete. Her specialty is in customer relations and client retention, however, being known for her ability to keep people motivated. At her previous gym, her training programs kept people coming to workout long after most people quit.

Renee has a background in marketing, although her sports background is also impressive. An accomplished basketball player, she has served as an assistant coach on the collegiate level, and has also developed and facilitated community basketball workshops and clinics for youth. Renee is a personal trainer, and also a first-time mother to her son, just born this November. As a team, Renee and Jacqui made their previous gym double in membership and revenue in a very short time; they are dedicated to providing a similarly successful and satisfying experience for gym members right here in the Cliff.

With Anytime Fitness in town, there really isn’t much room for excuse anymore. Prospective members are encouraged to tour the facilities, and make an appointment at 214-948-6161 or “We have several membership packages from single month-to-month to couples with tanning memberships,” Jacqui states. “Prices vary widely, starting with our limited-time special rates of $43.95 per month for single memberships or $67.95 per month for couples; prices and packages go up from there.”

But there is no time to waste, as Jacqui says promotional membership prices are limited. Once a certain number of members join, the rates increase.

Now, back to those New Year’s Resolutions. Jacqui encourages potential members to be realistic and get to work. “I feel resolutions are a great way to put into writing all of the thoughts that swirl around every day in our heads,” she says, but adds, “A resolution is nothing if people cannot translate what they want into action steps. If I do not have a concrete, step-by-step plan that I am following along the way, my goal is far less attainable. The resolution is simply a call to action; how individuals respond and whether they succeed is all in their planning and diligence.”

So, CliffDwellers, there’s a new gym in town, and they don’t want to hear your excuses about not having the time to workout. But they do want to help you change your life for the better. Anytime Fitness truly is there for you, whenever you need them.