There’s no hotter topic these days than real estate, is there? The national market is certainly falling, as witnessed by so many news reports. But is ours? How’s Dallas doing? And more importantly, how’re we doing right here in the Cliff?

In Focus this month investigates the housing market in North Oak Cliff. We’ve spoken to numerous real estate agents in the area, and they give you their honest opinion about how things are shaping up for the Spring season. You might be surprised by what they say.

Also in this issue is some advice for Home Improvement. As we seem to be leaving our “flipping” days behind, local renovation guru Jeff Strong offers some advice about cutting costs and re-investing in your current home.

And finally, if you’re ready to get outside on some nice Spring days, read all about the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve Bike Trails. There’re some great paths out there just waiting to be explored.

Happy trails.

See you round the Cliff.