A Reddi Wip day: Hot and bothered about whipped cream

The other day, taking advantage of the nice day and hot weather, my wife and I walked to a neighborhood ice cream store. As we talked and enjoyed our treats, lots of people walked and biked by the store’s front window. That’s when I saw a business-casual-looking guy walking down the street, backpack over his shoulder, carrying a can of Reddi Wip whipped cream, casually smiling and spraying some whipped cream in his mouth every couple of steps. That’s something you don’t see every day, but it’s something I admit to thinking about doing from time to time but don’t do because of a perceived sense of being too old for that kind of thing. In fact, the closest I can recall to pulling that off was (while in high school) buying one of those inexpensive frozen cream pies and eating the entire thing in one sitting. As I recall, they were 3 for a buck back then…

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