Eno’s Tavern
407 N. Bishop

Hours: 11:30
Tues-Wed 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m.
Thurs-Sat 11:30-Midnight
Sun 11:30-10 p.m.
Don’t make food look so good that people are afraid of messing it up, says Matt Spillers, an Oak Cliff resident and owner of Eno’s Tavern. Instead, he says, make it look so good that they want to shovel it into their mouths. This is the laid-back menu approach at the Bishop Arts District’s newest eatery, and not just for the food. The restaurant has an ample wine list, but Spillers doesn’t want customers to think this makes Eno’s high-falutin’. “Wine a lot of times has this really uppity approach,” he says, making clear that his restaurant isn’t one of the “stuffy” ones. “It’s all about just experiencing the product.” The bar is the centerpiece at Eno’s (fitting for a restaurant with “tavern” in its name), and chalkboards highlight wines by the glass and beers on tap — each one of them from domestic vineyards or microbreweries, Spillers says. Pair them with one of the ultra-thin pizzas, evenly crispy on all sides thanks to the engulfing heat of the fire deck oven. The pies are the menu’s main draw, but a close second is the salads, with toppings like endives, shallots and even peppered pork belly. Spillers says a slab of bacon is delivered to Eno’s each day so the restaurant can season and cook the pork to its standards. Grab a shovel.