About 20,000 of you have been receiving CliffDweller magazine at your home each month for several years. But for another 14,000 of you, this month marks your first home-delivery of the only magazine that is all about, and only about, the people, places and issues of Oak Cliff.

Nearly doubling this magazine’s home distribution is just one of the changes we’re making with this month’s publication, our first since merging our four neighborhood Advocate magazines with CliffDweller magazine. And during the next few months, you’ll see even more improvements in how the magazine looks and what we write about.

Some of you might be familiar with our 18-year-old company, Advocate Magazines — if you’ve ever lived in Lakewood/East Dallas, Lake Highlands, Preston Hollow or Far North Dallas, you and about 200,000 neighbors received our magazine free-of-charge on your home’s door each month.

That’s one of the most interesting things about our publications — we reach more Dallas residents each month than any other magazine, but because we work so hard to publish a magazine focused solely on each neighborhood where we distribute it, a lot of people tend to think of us as “that little magazine company”.

And that’s just fine with us, because our goal has never been to smother Dallas with magazines just for the sake of building distribution numbers or bragging rights; instead, our goal each month is to make sure every reader learns something new about his or her neighborhood — be it information about a new restaurant, an outstanding student, an interesting neighbor, an upcoming event that might be worth attending, a favorite pet, or even an analysis of some city issue affecting our lives.

And we do all of this without charging anything for home delivery of our magazine, which is printed on post-consumer-waste paper and hung in a recyclable plastic bag on your door.

The neighborhood advertisers you see in our pages each month enable us to deliver the magazine to you without charge. All we ask is that when the time comes, we hope you’ll look through our magazine — which includes hundreds of advertisers (big and small) targeting Oak Cliff — and you’ll give the neighborhood advertisers a chance to earn your business before you spend your money in another part of town.

The people who advertise in our magazines care about our neighborhood, often just as much as the people who live here. And that fits well with what we’ve tried to do during the 18 years we’ve been publishing neighborhood magazines — help improve the quality of life in each neighborhood we serve.

If you have story suggestions for us, please contact us at editor@advocatemag.com; if you’re interested in advertising with us, send an email to sales@advocatemag.com. If you’re a writer, photographer, blogger or videographer interested in becoming involved with the magazine, let us know at humanresources@advocatemag.com.

And more than anything else, each month after you receive the magazine, please let us know how we’re doing and what we can do better — send me an email at rwamre@advocatemag.com.