Only $10. That’s all Oak Cliff neighbor (and resident Energizer bunny) Jason Roberts is asking for one of his newest fundraisers — a pledge drive to install bike racks at North Oak Cliff businesses.

It’s an Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce Alternative Transportation Committee fundraiser, and the goal is $1,500, which will pay for five bike racks. So far, $1,160 has been raised, and fund raising continues through Saturday, Nov. 1. A shout out from blogger Holly Jefferson will probably help, as will Roberts’ persuasive (and humorous) logic:

"… these days, [$10] is like a cup of coffee, right? or maybe half a gallon of gas. … If you are one of the wonderful contributors to our goal, we will hold an old school ice cream party in the Bishop Arts District, just like you would have had after jump-roping-for-heart in the sixth grade!"

Speaking of neighborhood businesses and bikes, when I visited Eno’s Pizza Tavern for October’s Delicious piece, I learned that owner Matt Spillers rides his bike to and from the restaurant every day. Way to be green, Matt.