Tom Leppert: ‘Doesn’t give a darn about the citizens of Dallas’

So, do you think Mayor Tom Leppert cares about the citizens of Dallas or not? Councilman Mitchell Rasansky tells the Dallas Observer Leppert doesn’t care — "doesn’t give a darn about the citizens of Dallas". Rasansky goes on to mention that Leppert was on the board of directors of Washington Mutual even as that financial institution bit the dust, saying Leppert’s comments about WaMu’s financial health a few weeks prior to its bailout — “the feeling is that there’s sufficient capital and good things ahead" — is indicative of Leppert’s go-for-broke actions with the convention center hotel, regardless of a possible pending referendum on the project and a disintegration of the bond market. It’s worth clicking on the post, written by Sam Merten, because it has a whole list of interesting information and story links. As for me, I tend to think that it’s not that Leppert doesn’t care about the rest of us. I think he just believes he knows better than everyone else what’s good for us. Come to think of it, that was the prevailing attitude on Wall Street for a few years, too, and look what happened to those guys…

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