Election day

If you vote today, make a comment here. If you aren’t sure where to vote, check with the county.

We’ll update this post throughout the day. We’ll also add a post this afternoon listing web sits where you can track results. And tomorrow, we’ll have our usual spot-on commentary.

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  • Just finished voting at Lakewood Elementary around 10:30 a.m.; there was no line, but there was a steady stream of people voting. I was number 297, and I can remember other election days when I’ve voted at roughly the same time and been number something-less-than-100. A word to the wise, though, if you want to get the free Starbucks coffee, Chick-fil-A sandwich or whatever by presenting your voting sticker ‘ this precinct doesn’t have any stickers! Bring your voter registration card in to be stamped, or you’ll be out of luck for the freebies.

  • I drove up to the Village Country Club this morning at 7 a.m. and the parking lot was full. Decided to go walking and come back later. I returned at 9:15 a.m. and the line was a bit shorter.
    I stood in line for 45 minutes, only to find out that three precincts vote there, and mine had done an inordinate amount of early voting, so I shouldn’t have waited in line at all. Oh well.
    Starbucks had already delivered coffee to my precinct’s election officials. I picked my free coffee up right afterward.

  • I voted at LHE at 8:45 this morning. No line, about four other voters already at the machines. Always good to see old friends manning the polling place along with new faces. This year the voting took place in my daughters fifth grade classroom (it’s always been in the kinder wing). And there were folks out front serving coffee, how nice. Don’t know why…
    There were many signs and one guy, tenacious, walking up to the line carrying his sign with his recommendation.
    I was voter 140.

  • Got to Martha T. Reilly at 7:30 a.m. Waited about half an hour, and the line was about 15 feet out the door when I got there. It was a bit shorter when I left. Two precincts vote there, and strangely, the other precinct didn’t have a line at all. I asked one of the election volunteers why, but the auditorium was half filled with rowdy kids, and he couldn’t hear me.
    The atmosphere was almost festive. Neighbors were running into neighbors, yelling out greetings and standing around to talk and laugh. I got out of my car a few blocks away from the school and a woman was returning to her home from voting. She was in sweats and drinking coffee. She pumped her fist at me and yelled, “ROCK THE VOTE!” Made me smile.
    Not everyone was having a good time. The election officials were already sniping at each other by 7:45 a.m. I think they’re going to have a VERY long day. I’m thinking about taking them coffee later …

  • At Dan D. Rogers, there was about a 15-minute wait at 7:15. I talked to a couple of people who told me that was one of the longest lines they had seen there since 2000. The line was mostly gone by 7:45, though.
    There were also a bunch of students wearing orange safety vests with safety patrol labels directing people and students here and there. I was impressed.

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