TypePad ‘Journalist Bailout Program’

Several of my friends, contemporaries and past co-workers are out of work following recent cuts at the Dallas Morning News and D Magazine/ People Newspapers. Needless to say, the whole situation really bites, but one big-time blogging conglomerate is offering assistance.

Six Apart/ TypePad, the outfit that once hosted and still holds archived Back Talk blogs, is trying to help out, with a so-called “TypePad Journalist Bailout Program” which gives recently terminated reporters and bloggers a chance at a free pro account (cost is usually $150 per annum). TypePad will accept 20-30 entrants, and those selected will receive professional tech support, placement on the company’s blog aggregation site, Blogs.com, and automatic enrollment in TypePad’s advertising revenue-sharing program. TypePad VP (and former blogger) Anil Dash told the New York Times that the widespread journalist layoffs are “keeping (him) up at night” thinking about how he might help.  

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  • I can’t speak to layoffs at the DMN or D Magazine, but Lake Highlands People was always an overglorified social page.

    It rarely covered anything of real substance, and the one time I recall that it did, it got the facts wrong. It was overly focused on just one of our local elementary schools, leaving those of us at one of the others to wonder who we needed to know to get equal time.

    Sorry, but I won’t be missing that particular collection of fluff.

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