Any neighbors who have a blue recycling roll cart (or two, according to Kris Scott’s recent post) have for months been able to co-mingle their paper, plastic, aluminum, glass and other recyclables into one container for pick-up. But those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have blue bin pick-up have been driving all over the neighborhood in an attempt to protect the environment — one location for newspapers and magazines, another for plastics, another for glass (and usually different bins according to color), another for aluminum, another for cardboard, and so on.

Until recently, when the city swapped out all of those different containers (including the igloos) for new neighborhood recycling dumpsters — appropriately blue. I discovered them this past weekend when taking my glass to my normal recycling location, and discovering that I also could leave my aluminum cans and plastic bags (and any other recyclables, for that matter).

The blue dumpster cited, and its recycling page contains a list of what you can and cannot place in your blue roll cart or in the blue dumpsters. The city is officially calling them "Big Blue containers", and the sanitation site gives a list of the drop-off locations in various sections of Dallas (mostly churches, rec centers and parks).