Along with about 35, 000 other people, I ran the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot last Thursday. The first couple miles of the 8-miler is tougher each year — people running into and over each other, stepping on spectators, starting way up front and then moving real slow. And that’s the smaller of the two races with only (ONLY) 11,000 or so people.

So I hit my stride during mile two. I’m feeling the energy. Feeling good … and then it gets even better because I see, right around mile three, the Advocate’s own Sally Ackerman jamming alongside her hubby Bob. The Ackermans were one of a few bands playing along the Downtown Dallas/ Oak Cliff course I yelled and waved at her and I’m pretty sure she recognized me. The Ackermans will also perform at the increasingly rockin’ White Rock Marathon (less than two weeks away!) Sally promises to let me know as soon as she knows what mile she’ll play.