My potholes disappeared – in five hours!

This is a true story: I came home for lunch the other day and drove through two potholes in the space of about 30 feet right in front of my house. I was especially perturbed because the city had re-asphalted the street just six months ago, so having potholes already appearing wasn’t too encouraging.

I picked up the phone, called 311 (the city’s non-emergency all-purpose fix-it line) and pleaded my case. The fairly friendly operator told me I’d hear back from someone fairly soon, within 48-72 hours is what I think she said. Whatever it was, I wasn’t holding my breath. But when I came home at 6 p.m. later that same day, the potholes had been repaired. The same day!

I’ve heard a fair amount of griping about 311 over the years, but this was my first experience, and you won’t hear any griping from me. Thanks to whoever at the city took care of the problem. Quickly.

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