We heard this news last week, but wanted to wait to see what would happen before writing about it. But, sadly, publisher Mark Housewright has been forced to shutter the 105-year-old newspaper.

Housewright writes: “However, as the publisher, I have the difficult task of informing you that the Tribune ceased publication last week– maybe only temporarily.  We were hopeful until the last minute that we would be able to continue this important service to the community, but events did not work in our favor. … I am still optimistic that there may be a way to keep the Tribune operating but I will know more in the next few weeks as some parties have expressed interest in acquiring the publication.”

Housewright adds that anyone with questions can call him at 214-535-0370.

The recession has not been kind to the newspaper business, and the Tribune is just one more example of what is happening here and across the country. Yes, we may have been competitors, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t understand the loss. The death of a newspaper – any newspaper – is no time for rejoicing. The Tribune recorded 105 years of this community’s history. It was here before Oak Cliff was part of Dallas, and its efforts to record that century of history are something that can’t be duplicated.