Maria Robledo had spent months renovating her home.

A single mother, she has lived in the home with her two children for the last 12 years. Her home improvement project recently was sidetracked, however, when burglars ransacked her house of $4,600 in valuables.

“It is a really hard time right now,” Robledo says, referring to the economic impact her family has felt recently along with many Americans. “And then to have the house robbed, oh my goodness.”

The impact of the crime was still evident in Robledo’s sadness and shaky voice. Criminals entered and exited the home by breaking a window that was being repaired, she says.

“I didn’t notice until I went in and saw the window broken,” she says. “I felt really bad.”

The robbery may also affect the renovation of her home.

“They took all the tools we are using to fix the home,” Robledo says.

Taken in the crime were: a 42-inch television, Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 3, several DVDs, three nail guns, and many assorted tools. Unfortunately, this was not the first crime at Robledo’s home — it has been robbed twice before.

Dallas Police investigator Julie Bailey has advice for avoiding burglary situations.

“Lock the doors and windows,” Bailey says. “Make sure everything is secure and try to get an alarm if you can. Always be aware of your neighbors, and if you see someone you don’t recognize or a suspicious car hanging around, call 911.”