Wine review: Greg Norman Californa Estates Chardonnay 2007

I am not especially fond of golf, thanks to a number of years in childhood spent caddying. But in my eternal quest for well-made cheap wine, I try not to let personal dislikes interfere. Which is a good thing, because this brand is the brainchild of professional golfer Greg Norman.

The Norman (about $11, available at selected Albertson’s and Goody Goody) is a solid, well-made California chardonnay. It’s not as fruity as something like Kendall Jackson, and it’s a little more tropical. It also has more oak. But the oak isn’t overdone, and this wine would probably please those of us who like our oak restrained as well as those of you who live for oaky and toasty.

Serve this with any typical chardonnay meal, including cream sauces. And it would be fine by itself before dinner.

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