I’ve heard many a discussion over whether this recession or depression (or whatever you feel comfortable calling it) will lead to some sort of federal government "new, new deal". DMN writer Eric Aasen seized on this in yesterday’s story, looking back at how Dallas benefited from the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression, and how the WPA might have implications for our present situation. Aasen highlighted the work of the WPA at two parks here in Oak Cliff:

"Last month, at Kiest Park, crews discovered WPA remnants in the woods, including a footbridge, said Willis Winters, Dallas’ assistant director for park planning, design and construction. Officials plan to keep searching for other items.

"At Lake Cliff Park, WPA workers built a retaining wall, picnic units, a bridge and a rose garden."

At the Dallas Zoo, the WPA built  the admission building that now houses the Bug U exhibit, a walkway now used as a service bridge, and cages that house ocelots, bobcats and fishing cats.