Around the web: Schutze and Blow, Shakespeare, unemployment debit cards

• Jim Schutze of the Observer and Steve Blow at Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper, who traded barbs during the run-up to the November 2007 Trinity referendum, are at it again. Blow called Schutze Dallas’ Eeyore, and included a great back-handed compliment in the column: “In his own morose way, Schutze has had his mitts on a good story. …” Does that mean when I get a good story, I do it in a cranky way? Or when Blow gets one, he does it in a sunshiney way? Schutze responded by invoking the old Headliners bar downtown, which sent a shiver of nostalgia down my spine, and comparing Blow to Goofy, the Disney character. And who says the Internet is a waste of time?

• Historians and literary scholars have been frustrated for centuries because no reliable likeness of William Shakespeare exists. (Get the transition here, by the way? Writers?) Shakespeare scholarship has been hampered because no one knows exactly what the English language’s greatest writer looked like. Now, however, some think they do: a 400-year-old portrait that depicts a “a head-turner of a man,” far different from the bald guy everyone knows from studying the Bard in high school.

• Texas is one of 30 states that have contracted with banks to issue debit cards to provide unemployment benefits. The jobless, instead of getting a check in the mail, get the card loaded with their money. The catch, reports the Associated Press, is that the unemployed often have to pay the issuing bank to get their cash. A Missouri woman was changed $6 in fees to make two withdrawals off the card.

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