Driving along Colorado this morning, I couldn’t help but notice the flock of 20 or so hot pink flamingos in a front yard near Lausanne. It’s not the normal lawn decor for the stately homes along this boulevard, so when I saw the Young Life sign posted out front, I figured it must be some sort of fundraiser.

Sure enough, according to homeowner Michelle Collins, Young Life plants the flamingos in a yard overnight, then requests a removal fee of $25, which raises money to send kids to summer camp. "When we woke up this morning, they had flown in," Collins says. "My kids were so excited." A note on the back of the Young Life sign told the family: "Don’t try to touch them — they’re dangerous," and explained the details about the fundraiser.

Part of the "fee" includes giving Oak Cliff Young Life director Robert Hernandez the addresses of three other yards that the flamingos should visit. Collins already paid up, and the flamingos will be picked up from her yard sometime tonight. " Hopefully they will be over on Old Orchard tomorrow," she says.