TRAILS EXTRA: The Money Trail

Roughly $31 million of Dallas’ 2003 and 2006 bond funds either has been or will be spent on 18 miles of trail projects. Another $20 million for trails is coming from the coffers of other local government entities. Here’s a breakdown:

City of Dallas
2003 and 2006 bond programs
($31 million)

Statewide Transportation
Enhancement Program or STEP
($10 million)

Dallas County, Parks and Open Space Program and Public Works Department
($7.5 million)

Collin County
Parks and Open Space Grant

Private funds
($2 million)

Estimated funds needed to build out the trail plan to 250 miles:
($197 million)

“This is a lot of money,” says Michael Hellmann, “but in the grand scheme of things, it is good value for what you get. Basically, for the cost of the High Five intersection project, we would have an extensive city-wide trail network that  provides alternative transportation opportunities (as well as all the other benefits, including recreation, health, economic development, etc.) that connects to every corner of the city and beyond to adjacent communities.”

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