David Sedaris, a varitable rock star in the literary world and one of my favorite writers, took a minute before his Q & A session at SMU’s McFarland Auditorium to ask people to support retiring Jenny, an elephant at the Dallas Zoo, to an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee. 

Sedaris explained that speaking out for causes isn’t something he’s likely to do, because requests usually don’t get past his editor, but in this case, he was requested by Lilly Tomlin herself. 

"I had to think, you know, about whether or not I’ve ever seen an elephant," he told the audience. "And, you know, I haven’t. And I’m fine. But when Lilly Tomlin sends you an e-mail, you pay attention."

He described reading the Save Jenny Now Web site and finding out about her conditions–cramped living conditions, solitary confinment, sore ankles–and asked the audience to support the move to Tennessee, and those who will be making the decision in May to support moving her as well. 

 You’ve got a contemporary humor and literary icon in your corner now, Jenny. Best of luck!