I heard from someone this morning who told me that Kavala Mediterranean Grill on Davis had closed, and was dismayed to find the same news on the GuideLive Eats blog, where the conversation from commenters went back and forth between "it’s definitely closed" to "Kavala is on vacation" to "Kavala is reopening".

I decided to visit Kavala and find out for myself what was true. I drove up to the restaurant after lunch, around 2:30 p.m., and found the door open. When I walked inside, I was greeted by chef-owner Kelly Hightower, who told me the word on the street that the restaurant had closed was "nothing more than a nasty rumor."

More on what happened, after the jump:

Reports from people who dined at Kavala Saturday night say the wait staff and customers were told that it would be the restaurant’s last night of operation, and that quite a bit of liquor was given away. But Hightower told me that the restaurant closed down only for a day to deal with some issues, and then reopened for business as usual.

He introduced general manager Elizabeth Hightower to me as we were talking, and the one difference, she says, is that the restaurant currently doesn’t have a liquor license because they let it lapse. They are seeking to get the license reinstated, but until then, Kavala is inviting customers to BYOB.

That means the specials we mentioned on Back Talk Oak Cliff a couple of weeks ago are still accurate, except for anything involving alcohol. And if you can bring your own bottle of wine or six-pack of beer to pair with Hightower’s yummy dishes, that’s a deal in itself.