I bet you didn’t know one in every three bites of food is from honeybees, did you?

Bees provide more than just delicious honey — they pollinate industrial food crops, and without them our food varieties would be severely undercut. Honeybee wranglers Brandon and Susan Pollard of the Texas Honeybee Guild are promoting their buzz-worthy (hyuck) advocacy group Sunday, April 19 at Oak Cliff Earth Day.

The guild promotes pollination circuits by sending bees to commercial crops and orchards across the country, and offers local services like their Adopt A Bee and Zip Code Honey programs.

"You’ve heard of people eating local honey — we’re putting bees in certain zip codes and promoting hives," Brandon Pollard says. "It benefits people with allergies, and we’re always looking for good locations."

Good locations for urban beekeepers have the right wind and sun conditions and are clear of kids, lawnmowers and animals, Brandon Pollard says.