Two city council elections and two ballot propositions will be discussed at this lunchtime forum, which was relocated so that participants could grab a bite while they listen to the politicians make their points. The forum will take place this Thursday, April 9 from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. at Jack’s Backyard; anyone is welcome, and attendees are encouraged to RSVP here. The West Dallas Chamber of Commerce accepted questions for the forum, and they have been decided on in advance.

No one will be present to speak in favor of Propostion 1 (a note from the chamber states that proponents have not responded to multiple invitations to participate), and Paul Osborne of Dallas Right to Vote will be speaking in favor of Proposition 2. City Councilman Ron Natinksy and Phillip Jones of the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau will speak in opposition of both propositions.

In the city council discussions, District 3 incumbent Dave Neumann will be present, as will challengers Casey E. Thomas and Victoria Walton. District 6 incumbent Steve Salazar will also be speaking, but his challenger, Fernando Rubio Jr., has declined to participate, according to the West Dallas chamber.