How could $10,000 improve your neighborhood?

If a city hall proposal goes through, community groups will be able to apply for grants to improve their neighborhood.

Many people in the HOA community weren’t aware the city is pursuing the Loving My Community neighborhood improvement grant program, but are excited by the prospect of the good the program’s funding could provide.

In Oak Cliff, Kessler Neighbors United President Ron Veech said his neighborhood could benefit from improved streetscape, like sidewalks and lighting to supplement the improvements the association has been funding.

“Our neighborhood takes great pride in maintaining our community green spaces. With additional funding we could continue our work to upgrade the infrastructure of our medians and triangles with electricity and water,” Veech said in an e-mail. “With these upgrades in place we could continue to plant trees, shrubs and other native landscaping plants.”

The Dallas City Council is scheduled to vote on the measure on May 27. Dallas Central Service Area Coordinator Pamè La Ashford is heading up the program for the city staff; contact her for more info. And you can always weigh in with your council representative, David Neumann.