While Austin is keeping it weird, San Antonio keeps it lame and Dallas keeps it pretentious. But here in Oak Cliff, we keep it real. At least, that’s a new neighborhood slogan, which you can expect to start seeing on bumper stickers soon. The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League announced the new slogan, "Oak Cliff. Keep it Real" as a way to resist unwanted development.

As the group’s president, Michael Amonett, explained in a letter last week,"’Real’ could mean all those things that we wanted to say and more.  A nod to the old architecture we all love as well as a caution to possible new construction that would hopefully not be hurried, impermanent or out of scale and character with our area."

The slogan is being printed on bumper stickers, which will be available in a few weeks at several Oak Cliff businesses for a $5 donation to the league. You can find them at Bishop Street Market, Hunky’s Oak Cliff, Green Pet, Make and Alchemy Salon.

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The group considered slogans including keeping it "old," "green," "independent" and "diverse," but none of those quite hit the mark. Amonett said Vicki and Bob Young of Kessler Park came up with the "Keep it Real" slogan.

What do you think of the new slogan? Does it fit our neighborhood?