The thing about Hula Hotties is that it’s just fun to order from a menu that sounds tropical — items like macadamian nut-crusted burgers. Not to mention that everything appears pretty healthy.

Stopping in for lunch yesterday, I ordered the grilled talapia sandwich ($9.95) with macaroni potato salad. Sandwich orderers have their choice of sides, and one I was tempted to try was Indonesian peanut potato salad, which the waited said they make quite a bit of because it’s so popular. Next time. The macaroni potato salad was just fine, but the sandwich really hit the spot. The tilapia was fresh off the grill and served on a purple sweet potato/taro bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo.

My lunch partner ordered the Saigon sub ($7.95), also called Bahm Mi, which came with ground pork, thinly sliced ham and spicy mayo, and was volcanically overflowing with mixed greens, assorted picked veggies, cilantro, peanuts, peanuts, mint and basil. It was messy, but tasty enough to be worth it. We really wanted to try one of the Hawaiian treats in the bakery display, but lunch was too filling. Those are worth a stop on their own merit.