Well, not Davis Street exactly, but U.S. or Texas 180. Most neighbors know this road as Davis as opposed to U.S. 180, and because of the size of the street, it’s hard to imagine that it was once "the Bankhead Highway — the road that brought America to our door," according to this column by Bud Kennedy in the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

It was designated as "Texas 1" in the 1920s, and "part of only the second route mapped across America," Kennedy says, adding that it "connects Fort Worth museums with Cowboys Stadium, the Bishop Arts District and Fair Park." Freshman State Representative Carol Kent introdcued the bill — she represents portions of Garland, through which the historic Bankhead also runs — and the designation will become law starting Sept. 1. Because of its new designation, the Texas Historical Commission will help promote the road. "When you talk about the history of America, the automobile shaped our culture," commission Deputy Director Mark Wolfe is quoted as saying in Kennedy’s column. "Highway history is Texas history."

The fact that Davis used to be a main thoroughfare from Dallas to Fort Worth came up on multiple occassions during the Bishop/Davis study discussions. The celebration of this highway’s history is a bit ironic in our neighborhood, considering that most of the discussion these days is more about walkability, streetcars and complete streets, which take the emphasis off the almighty car.