From raising backyard chickens to chucking your corporate job and buying an apple orchard, it seems autonomy is all the rage these days. But what makes folks like this tick? And do you have to go off-grid to make it happen? Those are the questions Popular Mechanics attempts to answer with this article about a few hardy, modern homesteaders.


Can a kid resist a marshmallow? What if resisting it means getting more? This video, which explores temptation and rewards vs. immediate gratification, explores just that. And it features some darn adorable kids.


On the other side of the spectrum is 73-year-old Sam. Sam’s son, Justin, lives with him and, once a day, Justin Twitters something his dad says. Disclaimer: Sam uses some pretty colorful language, but it’s hard to argue with most of what he says, profanities aside. Sam might not be cute, but he’s loveable just the same.


Cats don’t like water, right? Well, nobody told this cat that.