I’m one of those people who has a hard time deciding what to order. Luckily, at a place like Zen Sushi, patrons can order somewhat of a smorgasbord and try a little of everything.

We started with the edamame, and I had forgotten how delicious soybeans can taste, especially when warmed and their pods lightly sprinkled with kosher salt. We had to have sushi, of course, but since pregnancy prohibits me from eating raw fish, we went with California and veggie rolls — eight to an order. Our other choices were appatizers: the dumplings and the spring rolls, the latter served with a creamy peanut sauce.

Two of us managed to put away everything except a couple of the sushi rolls and one of the spring rolls, and because everything was so light, we didn’t feel stuffed. In fact, we had room for dessert — the ginger creme brulee. Yum. Our compliments to chef Michelle Carpenter.