The subject of ringtones came up a couple of times during my interviews with the TV news reportters we featured in June’s cover story. Bennett Cunningham, for example, has a ringtone that sounds like an old-fashioned phone "like my Grandma used to have," he says. "The reason is it’s distinct from every other tone, and like no other beep or sound anywhere in my house or anywhere in the newsroom, so I know if I hear that sound, it’s my phone."

Shelly Slater, with her mad dancing skills, has programmed her phone so that when it rings, it plays "Dead and Gone" by Justin Timberlake and TI. Alexa Conomos called while we were chatting at Cafe Brazil, and Slater danced to the tune for a few seconds before answering.

My favorite, though, had to be Grant Stinchfield’s ringtone — "Oak Cliff That’s My Hood". He played it for me, and rapped right along with the artist. You can listen to and even download the song here, but be forewarned — it has its share of rapper language.