Davis Street ATM broken into

Early this morning, WFAA reported that police found the ATM in Café Brazil’s parking lot on Davis had been broken into. The machine is completely destroyed, and the money box stolen. Police believe a large tractor found a few blocks away was used to break into the ATM. A similar incident occurred on the same night in Irving, and police believe the same people who broke into this ATM also broke into the one in Oak Cliff. Although there are no suspects at this time, police believe that the same people are responsible for both. If you have any information regarding either theft, contact Dallas Police.

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  1. jeff July 16, 2009 at 10:10 PM

    I believe you mean that another ATM at a Chase bank on Irving Blvd (on the other side of the Trinity, near Industrial) was robbed on the same evening?

    I haven’t read anything about them being related

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