The Advocate’s cover story for August features architects in front of neighborhood places they find inspiring. There were a few portraits that didn’t make it into the magazine because of circumstance. Joesph Wilkins, one of the featured architects and an Oak Cliff local, was originally photographed in another Dallas space.

Wilkins had this to say about his original insipiring place, The Hall of State at Fair Park:

"When you go through the entrance you go through a small portal area that goes up steps to the rotunda. So there’s a transition where you’re outside of this monumental building, and then it steps down to a human scale. There’s a huge mural throughout the rotunda that basically is a pictogram of the history of Texas – through the explorers, and then the independence, and then its state-hood.  There’s a lot of imagery as to the pride of being in the Lone Star State. The heroes of legendary people that are portrayed in the mural, and through the statues, and the flag – you know, it’s just a very ceremonial space."