The recipes are her grandmother’s, but when Stevens Park resident Rhonda Pickett decided to launch a pie-making business called Crumbs, she sought help from the master — her father. Roger Pickett’s jaw dropped when his daughter, a former special education teacher, announced her new venture. “I guess she just realized you can never get a good pie in a restaurant,” Roger says. “She’s always been a good cook, and she knew growing up that pie baking was one of my favorite things to do.” The pair began testing crusts and fillings with opposite baking styles — Rhonda Pickett likes to measure out ingredients, but her father likes to experiment. “I never saw a recipe that I couldn’t modify,” he says. Still, some pie characteristics aren’t negotiable, Roger Pickett acknowledges. If it’s a cream pie, “you want it to slice,” he says, and the two have contests to see how high they can make a lemon meringue. “Hers are five inches high from bottom to top,” the proud father says. It’s a high compliment coming from the person who is “hardly ever satisfied when he puts a pie together,” Rhonda Pickett notes. Crumbs offers different flavors of pie each season (currently peanut butter, chocolate chiffon, lemon berry chiffon, peaches and cream, strawberry cream and key lime), and Pickett offers free door to door delivery to Oak Cliff residents.

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