I just got off the phone with Kevin Osterhaus, vice president of operations for Bunkhouse Management, the Austin-based company that runs the Belmont Hotel. The company has decided to change concepts at the hotel’s restaurant. They’re partnering with Bolsa owners Chris Zielke and Christopher Jeffers because they’ve noticed that restaurant’s success, Osterhaus said.

"They’ve done a fantastic job with their food and service, and they will bring a lot of energy to our new concept," Osterhaus said.

The restaurant will get a new name, and will close for renovations until September. Tim Byres, who was executive chef at Stephan Pyles, will be a co-owner and chef at the new restaurant.

Cliff Cafe chef Robin Gill Lacey said she is looking for a job. Today is her last day, and the restaurant’s last day is Monday. "It’s fine. I’m just trying to help out my team for the rest of the week," Lacy said. Her restaurant has been pretty popular, too.