The city council recently voted to expand the study area for the Oak Cliff Gateway, and is seeking more input from the community. The first of two meetings in July will be held tomorrow night, July 7, at 6:30 p.m. in Methodist Hospital’s Hitt Auditorium, Bishop and Colorado.

The area council added to the land use study includes a portion of land that front 1-30 north of East Kessler, and another area between Beckley and Marsalis, and Sixth and Davis (which is essentially the southern portion of the Lake Cliff neighborhood). You can find the area encompassed in this PDF — and if you view this PDF, you’ll see how much bigger the land use proposal has grown since last fall. (This Advocate Radio podcast talks about how that happened.)

The reason for forming an "Oak Cliff Gateway" in the first place has to do with the Trinity River Corridor Project, and maximizing the use of the land right around the river. In other words, the study is about rezoning large swaths of land, and according to neighbors who have given input at the community meetings, much of the land would be rezoned for mixed-use, low-rise and high-rise development.

After tomorrow night’s meeting, the next community meeting on the Oak Cliff Gateway is scheduled for Tuesday, July 28 at 6:30 p.m.