Urban planner Scott Polikov told the West Dallas Chamber of Commerce Thursday that Oak Cliff and West Dallas have “the DNA” that’s perfect for walkable, mixed-use development. Our part of town was designed that way at one time, until after the Levittown model and design trends toward “moving cars,” Polikov said.

Big-box retail developments have quick cash flow, and they typically are profitable in the first three years, Polikov said. But their designs are not sustainable, and over a period of more like six years, they start to lose value. On the other hand, a sustainable design, like the retail on Jefferson Boulevard, can stay vibrant for many generations.

One of the most important aspects of planning redevelopment in Oak Cliff and West Dallas is going to be coming up with a transportation plan that carries equal consideration for cars, pedestrians, cyclists and public transportation, Polikov said. “Developments will grow in value as long as there is the proper transportation plan to support it,” he said.

Polikov’s presentation is available for download here.