It’s summer. It’s hot (last week was fun, wasn’t it?). So I don’t want to hear any whining about how real men don’t drink pink or wine from screw top bottles.

The El Coto (about $12) is a step up from most Spanish roses. This, as regular visitors here know, is high praise given how much I respect these wines. The El Coto has a prettier color than most of the others, though it’s just as dry and clean and mineral-like as any of my favorites. It’s a blend of tempranillo and garnacha, and the latter may give it an edge that tempranillo-only roses don’t have. It will pair with almost anything that isn’t big red beef. More July 4 wine suggestions are here.

Drink this chilled whenever you want, whether it’s this summer, this holiday weekend, at a barbecue, by your pool, in your air conditioned living room, or at a wine bar that is smart enough to sell it. Sadly, this is a wine with limited availability, mostly in restaurants. I’m told Mr. G’s in Plano may carry it (in case anyone is driving to Oklahoma for the weekend); otherwise, ask your retailer to order some. Ordinarily, I don’t recommend wines that are this difficult to find, but It will be worth the effort if you do.