The president of the Adamson Alumni Association is scoring DISD’s decision to scrap plans for rebuilding the 92-year-old high school as a victory. The association is moving ahead with efforts to get the Landmark Commision to designate it a historical site, which would prevent demolition. The group filed a historic landmark case with the commission about a year ago, which means the building is safe from bulldozers for about one more year while the commission considers the case.

DISD and alumni have disagreed on how to preserve the old school.  The board wanted to rebuild a replica of Adamson, reusing some of the original materials. But the association wanted the building, which Preservation Dallas put on its list of the city’s most endangered historical places last year, to be renovated. This week, the DISD board decided to replace Adamson with a new school. A newer part of the school will be used for storage, but so far, there are no plans for the original Adamson High School.

"We’re going to fight the fight to keep the building from being demolished," alumni association president John Ruiz says. Three association members are meeting with City Council member Delia Jasso today, and based on that, they will decide how to proceed. Ruiz says the association’s goal is to create an Adamson High School museum in the old building.