This Saturday, August 14th, pull out your bicycle helmet and strap on your Camelbak. Bicycle riders of all levels will be benefitting the Calumet Community Center by riding in the 11th annual Red Hot Rally. Most serious riders use area bike rallies to train for longer rides like Wichita Fall’s aptly named Hotter ‘N Hell, but beginning riders shouldn’t let that scare them away. I was assured by Nicholas Becerra, a ride organizer, that beginning to moderate riders are more than welcome. There will be three routes – 20, 40, and 60 miles – going southwest from the Center with the two longer routes reaching Joe Pool Lake. There will be well-stocked rest stops every ten miles, and after the rally riders are invited to take a dip in the Center’s pool.

So, support the Center’s mission to be an "oasis of hope for the … community of West Oak Cliff." and get some exercise. All routes start at the Center at 7:30, but get there early to pump up your tires, put on your sunscreen, and pick up your rider packets. There is nothing like enjoying the early morning summer hours on your bike.