City Council will hear public comments Wednesday regarding a proposed redevelopment of 186 acres near Interstate 30 and Westmoreland Road. INCAP Fund is planning a colossal "urban campus," which it describes as transit-oriented and walkable. INCAP’s plans for the land include 22 houses; more than 11,000 multi-family units; 450,000 square feet of retail space; and 30,000 square feet of offices.  But if approved, the new zoning would allow as much as 800,000 square feet of retail space and 1.2 million square feet of offices, as well as 1,000 hotel rooms. Building heights for the project, which is planned for the dreary former site of a cement plant, could range from 65 feet  to 270 feet.

The development company’s rezoning proposal states that the area doesn’t fall into the escarpment zone and therefore isn’t covered under the city’s Escarpment Ordinance, which is meant to minimize developmental impact on the floodplain and geological features of South Dallas. But the city is requesting more proof that the development won’t impact the escarpment.