Something weird happened on June Drive. Dallas Animal Services found almost 200 dead cats in a home near South Westmoreland and West Illinois Saturday. Animal Services manager Kent Robertson said he can’t talk about the case because the Dallas County District Attorney and the City Attorney are investigating the case. From what I can tell, they are trying to build an animal cruelty case against the homeowner or resident.

Robertson confirmed a report that officers found 137 plastic containers and 42 freezer bags containing animal remains. Animal services also siezed six live dogs, but Robertson said he couldn’t tell me anything about their health, and he doesn’t know how the cats died. My imagination is running wild, though.

This has been a tragic year for cats. This summer, Advocate editors Christina Hughes Babb and Marlena Chavira-Medford wrote about suspected cat killers in East Dallas and Far North Dallas. Read those stories here and here. Those were strange, but 200 dead cats is the stuff of neighborhood legend.