Our “Delicious” feature in the October Oak Cliff Advocate spotlights Café Brazil. I have to confess: I didn’t want to write about Café Brazil. I haven’t set foot into one of the eclectic restaurants in 10 years, probably. Bad service, cold food and other sloppy work led me to put the kibosh on the cafe long ago. Café Brazil is so popular that it is a hard place to avoid, but I am stubborn. When I was assigned to write about Café Brazil, however, I knew I had to go. Some reporters have to go to Afghanistan; some of us have to go to restaurants we don’t like. It’s a hard job. But after meeting CEO Brant Wood, who took over the company about five years ago, and sampling some of their food, I am coming back around. I reckon it’s about time.

We tasted a coconut chicken salad, French toast with fruit, a hearty crepe with cheese, chorizo and bacon, and a “mean green” smoothie, which has spinach and bananas. Everything was delicious, and the restaurant staff was delightful. Wood told us that their annual holiday menu items are coming out in October and will be available until the first of January. They change every year, but in the past have included pumpkin spice pancakes and peppermint and eggnog lattes. A big draw, Wood says, is the holiday blend coffee, which is roasted locally.

Sounds good. Maybe I will stop in for a cup.