This new restaurant at Bishop and Davis only has about 10 tables, and when I went in to grab takeout Monday night, the place was full. The menu is short and sweet, with gyros and four or five entrees. I got the last order of moussaka, which was full of nutmeg and topped with a sinful amount of béchamel. It was rich and delicious and served with crispy sweet potato fries and enough Greek salad for two people. We also tried the gyro, which comes either with fries or salad. It’s a gyro. It’s pretty good.

Instead of hummus, I decided to try the taramosalata, or “Greek caviar,” which I had never heard of before. It’s a mixture of fish roe, olive oil, lemon juice and other ingredients. It has a nutty flavor and a mouth feel that’s almost like egg salad, and it’s so good with the café’s yummy pita bread. But be careful because it is very filling.

With reasonable prices, a good location and super friendly staff, this place will probably be around for a while.