"Welcome to RoseKahn!" That’s Rosemont Elementary principal Anna Brining’s phrase of the day. I got to be principal for a day at Rosemont today, and it happened to be an unusual day at the Oak Cliff school. At about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, the auditorium ceiling collapsed at Louise W. Kahn Elementary, which is just a few blocks away from Rosemont.

An electrical fire had activated sprinklers at some point, and a water leak caused the ceiling to cave just an hour or so after dismissal. Frightening, but also fortunate timing. Now DISD must make sure the building is safe again before students and teachers can go back to their classrooms.

So Rosemont welcomed 750 students in grades kindergarten through six. Classrooms doubled and tripled, and every available space was used for teaching. The staff at Rosemont took it all in stride. By 9 a.m., all the students from both schools had settled in for the day.

There’s a lot more to say about Rosemont — it is a wonderful school — and I will post more about why that is tomorow.