Look at the pretty houses! The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League’s 35th annual home tour was full of oohs and ahhs. We got video, which you can watch here. And click here to read about an amazing do-it-yourself-er whom the tour spotlighted.

Advocate reporter Rachel Stone volunteered to be principal for a day at Rosemont Elementary, and she was there a day after an auditorium ceiling collapsed at Rosemont’s neighbor school, Louise W. Kahn Elementary. Watch her video, "Welcome to RoseKahn," here.

Cyclesomatic encouraged us to bike to City Hall one chilly morning this month, and more than 100 people actually did it. Advocate photo editor Can Turkyilmaz was one of them. Here is a link to his slideshow.


Know of a “best” in our neighborhood? We’re looking for spots in the area that offer unique perks — an extra nice public bathroom, for instance. When you need to see the dentist, get your oil changed, or wait to be seated at a restaurant — where is the best waiting spot? When you’re shopping, dining out or getting a haircut, where do you hear the best background music? Where are the best neighborhood places to take care of life’s little necessities such as airing up a tire, vacuuming your muddy floorboards, or buying last-minute goodies for your child’s school Halloween party? We are seeking out all the little niceties that make neighborhood spots special, so send your best-kept secret to rstone@advocatemag.com — be sure to include your contact information, and if we use your tip in the magazine, we’ll send you an Advocate T-shirt.