A couple of words of advice for the creators of Fox’s upcoming TV series "Code 58," which will be shot in town and tell the story of two Dallas cops. Robert Wilonsky at the Observer has way more information about "Code 58" than probably even he wanted to know.

Creator Matt Nix, who did the generally well-regarded "Burn Notice," needs to know the following about shooting in Dallas:

• Don’t use shots of Fort Worth and pretend they’re Dallas, which the otherwise great "Walker, Texas Ranger" did regularly.

• Employ as many Dallas actors as possible. We’re in a recession, and they need the work. Besides, I’m tired of always picking up the drink tab.

• Please don’t do the hair thing, as in all the female characters who are from Dallas will have big, blond hair. That’s just so J.R.

And, because one can never have too much Chuck Norris, a little Walker nostalgia after the jump (courtesy of ela63 at You Tube). And yes, that is the Fort Worth stock yards and Dallas-ex Steve Kanaly, who played Ray Krebs, as the guest star.